[Samba] domain users appear as local to samba

Nikos Gkorogiannis Nikos.Gkorogiannis at uwe.ac.uk
Fri Mar 17 09:45:11 GMT 2006


I have a samba server (3.0.21c) that gets its UNIX user info from
nss_ldap. It acts as an ADS member server (the UNIX usernames match the
ones in the Windows domain). 

Simple usage works fine: if I log in on a Win client as DOMAIN\user then
I can map a drive on \\samba\user and read/write and so on. However if I
look up the security properties of a file in \\samba\user, the owner
shows up as local to the samba server, i.e. \\samba\user as opposed to

My hunch is that when a Win client is asking about ownership (or
security) details, it does so in terms of SIDs, not usernames. And that
Samba returns an SID which is arbitrary w.r.t the domain SIDs. How can I
fix that? Or have I missed something obvious?


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