[Samba] Re: Corrupt sam database in Samba, cant add users or change pass

Pierre Lebrun ple001 at artic.fr
Fri Mar 17 08:15:34 GMT 2006

Carlos Lijoi a écrit :
> Hello, this is my first post
> Hi, I'm having a problem here...
> After (stupidly) trying to change an username  I'm having problems reported by smbpasswd and pdbedit: "build_sam_account: smbpasswd database is corrupt! "
> I would really appreciate any help with this, as I have users not bein able to login into the domain anymore, nor the new users that I try to add!!
> Please let me know which information could be useful
> Regards from Buenos Aires, Argentina
> Carlos
The first thing you have to check is the relation between smbpasswd 
(username,uid) and /etc/passwd(username,uid).

If an account from smbpasswd is missing in /etc/passwd you cannot
manage users any more.

Hope this will help.


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