[Samba] samba 4 winbind feature set

Don Meyer dlmeyer at uiuc.edu
Fri Mar 17 02:48:46 GMT 2006

At 07:47 PM 3/16/2006, Greg Lehmann wrote:
>  Andrew Bartlett seems to
>think winbind 3.0 can do this already and it did occur to me it could be
>made to. I can't see it from the doco or examples so I might have to
>look at the code.

As I recall from previous discussions, this is indeed the case -- to 
a degree.   There is support for the RFC2207-ish schema additions 
that installing MS's Services For Unix (SFU) adds.  I believe the 
smb.conf line necessary is "idmap = ad".

The catch is the schema field names added by SFU incorporate a prefix 
that differs from that of the R2 mods.   Thus, as of 3.0.21b anyway, 
the R2 RFC2207 support was not supported within that version's 
winbindd.  Comments were made that updates to support R2's schema 
mods shouldn't be that difficult.   However, I don't know whether 
they have made it into 3.0.21c, or if they are even in SVN code for 
the next version at this point.

Perhaps someone in the know could fill in the blanks and correct 
anything that I've mis-recalled above...

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