[Samba] SAMBA not reading ACL group permissions

Robert Mortimer rmortimer at bluechiptechnology.co.uk
Thu Mar 16 10:46:44 GMT 2006

I have added ACL support to the file system on my FC3 server
In windows the security dialogue shows correct permissions
When I open a file in word it opens read only even though as part of the ACL
extended group membership I have write permissions (Unix main group is read
Using the security dialogue permissions can be re-set
This is my setup for a typical share

        recycle:touch = Yes
        vfs objects = recycle
        comment = Data
        printable = no
        writable = yes
        nt acl support = Yes
        force group = TS_main
#       acl map full control = True  (produced error on testparm)
#       acl check permissions = True  (produced error on testparm)
#       acl group control = True  (produced error on testparm)
        veto files = /.Junk/
        path = /home/samba/data/
        recycle:excludedir = /tmp|/temp|/cache
        recycle:exclude = *.tmp|*.temp|*.o|*.obj|~$*|*.~??
        recycle:keeptree = Yes
        recycle:maxsize = 209715200
        recycle:repository = ./.Junk
        recycle:versions = No

smbstatus -V returns Version 3.0.10-1.fc3
Setup is LDAP samba IDEALIX tools. Standard Fedora RPM is used

Regards Robert

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