[Samba] disconnect users after a timeout period?

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Thu Mar 16 02:15:31 GMT 2006

> Instead of going and looking at like 40 some machines, is there any
> way to drop them off?
> or.. close the files they have open?
> We need at least one machine logged in because it does processing on 
> this database at night,
> so we cannot have all machines logged out.
> Is this possible?

You could write a script to run 'smbstatus' and get a list of logged in
users and the PID of the smbd process they're using, then use 'kill' to
close that smbd process.  Providing you don't kill the smbd your
overnight process is connected to it should run without problems.

Alternatively you could just restart Samba (killing all the smbd
processes) because Windows boxes will usually just automatically
reconnect when they next need to use the network (so your overnight
process should reconnect without problems.)


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