[Samba] Determining the samba configuration file in use by a running smbd.

Adam McLean adammclean at ca.ibm.com
Tue Mar 14 21:18:56 GMT 2006

Hello All,

I've tried some self service methods to find this information, but haven't 
had much luck unfortunately.  My search terms produced a lot of unrelated 

We have a requirement for automated filesystem permission checking on the 
smb.conf file to assure it is not too permissive.  The location of this 
file can vary wildly depending on who compiled the package (talking about 
individuals and not pre-packaged from vendors).  What I'm seeking is a way 
to determine the configuration file that was used by smbd when it was 
invoked.  This would need to be non-invasive (not interrupt any 
connections, or restart the daemon).

A base flow of what we're after:
1) Check port 138 for a listener.
2) Do [something] to determine the location of the smb.conf file that smbd 
was invoked with.
3) Check the permissions on the smb.conf file found in step 2.

Can anyone point me to the [something] that will determine this for us?

Adam McLean.

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