[Samba] date created attribute doesn't seem right

Gordon Messmer yinyang at eburg.com
Tue Mar 14 18:14:57 GMT 2006

Henrik Zagerholm wrote:
>> I've setup a samba server (ver 3.0.14a-3) on debian sarge.  When I  
>> copy files to the server, the 'date created' attribute is always  the 
>> same value as the 'date modified' attribute.  The 'date  modified' 
>> attribute remains the same, but the 'date created'  changes as noted 
>> above.

None of that is unusual.  The "date created" that Windows displays is 
taken from the unix ctime value.  On a unix fs, ctime records the last 
time that the file's metadata was changed, which may be when the file 
was created, or renamed, or when some application (such as samba) 
modified the "date modified" or "date accessed" values.

>> I also have a snap server which has the same type of behavior.  It  is 
>> my understanding that snap servers run samba.
>> Is this a bug with samba or am I missing something?

Unix filesystems don't provide an attribute which tracks the date that a 
file was created.

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