[Samba] Re: Dos client samba

Michael Lueck mlueck at lueckdatasystems.com
Tue Mar 14 15:49:26 GMT 2006

Maurizio Faccio wrote:

> The last I've tried was the bart network disk BFD v1.0.7. I boot with
> EMM386.

OK, so you are familaar with that and the settings he uses in DOS config files.

> The driver i have been using is the NE2000 compatible driver, with a NIC
> CNet CN650EPLUS.

Actually, other than really really antient Novell days, NEVER used a NE2000 NIC driver. I support several DOS drivers, but always the NDIS2 driver that came from the card vendor. E100B, E1000, B57, 
EL90X, EL556, ELPC575, PCNTND, RTSND, to name a few.

Hate to stick you with "works for me" but there are obvious differences in our environments.

Like I said, I am happy to md5sum or crc32 the file list I have so you can compare. Also send along DOS startup / config files.

Personally I would target the NIC you have first. Intel Pro100 is a good solid card (E100B driver). I've had some issues with the 3Com ones lately as Linux is "so fast" that it does not catch the DHCP 
offer coming back. Multiple models of 3Com have done this to me since upgrading to the 2.6.12 kernel.

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