[Samba] Execute script on file write

Markus Korth mkorth at viisage.com
Tue Mar 14 09:52:58 GMT 2006

Doesn't samba offer an interface for anti virus tools? Could that
interface be used for executing scripts or similar whe accessing/writing

Just a guess.


Tomasz Chmielewski wrote:
> Peter Fortuin wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'm working on a quota system here at school. I want to execute a
>> script everytime a user writes on the samba fileserver. This script
>> checks some quota stuff.
>> My question is, is it possible that a script is executed everytime a
>> user writes a file to the samba server and if it's possible, how?
> I guess it would be rather hard to achieve this, as Samba doesn't offer
> anything like that.
> The closest you will find are postexec and preexec directives (a program
> will be executed when the user connects/disconnects from a share).
> Anyway, something what you're talking about (executing a script on every
> file write) could be a major bottleneck for the server.
> Just imagine, how many files are in the average user profile...
> Is there some special reason you have to execute a script after every
> file upload?
> Why don't you just set up quota on your Samba server? The system will
> take care of everything.
> Additionally, if you're using roaming profiles, you could use the Policy
> Editor to limit user profiles (they will get a pop up warning when they
> log out if the profile exceeds a value you set, and will be requested to
> remove some file).

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