[Samba] Delay with printer properties

Markus Korth mkorth at viisage.com
Tue Mar 14 08:59:52 GMT 2006

Greetings Samba Fans!

I'm experiencing a strange problem which started after installation of
Service Pack 2 for Windows XP:

When a user tries to print there is a long delay (sometimes around 2
minutes) before the printer properties page is opened. This only affects
Windows XP with Service Pack 2 installed.
I did a 'tcpdump' on the printserver and observed something quite strange:

When opening the printer properties page with a Windows XP, SP1 system,
something around 800 network packets travel between the client and the
server. When doing the same with Service Pack 2 installed, 20.000-40.000
packets are travelling through the wire. The additional packets all look
the same:

[TCP segment of a reassembled PDU]
DCERCP Request: call_id: 7 opnum: 53  ctx_id....
microsoft-ds > 1227 [ACK]  Seq=3937 Ack=....

It looks like as if much data is travelling and segmented due to data
size. If a reassemble one of this segment chains I get a packet with
something around 170k data in it. And there are many of these packets...

I tried different samba versions - from 2.2.8 to 3.0.x. I did setup a
complete new printserver. Nothing helped.

OS: SuSE Linux 10.0
Samba version: 3.0.2

Windows XP, SP2

Any hints?


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