[Samba] Laptop (and Desktop) Linux as end user OS in a Samba PDC environment

Michael Lueck mlueck at lueckdatasystems.com
Mon Mar 13 18:00:14 GMT 2006

OK, we have Win2K working "nice and slick" in the Samba PDC environment... NOW to make end user Linux just as slick. The documentation seems to be a bit slim on examples of giving Linux to users.

Win2K for example caches credentials. Does the Samba client do that as well? Thinking to join a Linux laptop to the domain first, but the docs seem to infer one will be having Samba do all 
authentication then... so what about "when I am not in the office" mode?

Examples of logon scripts for Linux clients... ???

Examples of printing to Samba print queues... ???

Anyone actually using Linux clients to a Samba PDC... ???

Michael Lueck
Lueck Data Systems

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