[Samba] samba log off script

Cybionet cybionet at videotron.ca
Mon Mar 13 02:25:13 GMT 2006

Greeting all,

I have a strange problem between Samba and OPenLDAP. Here the verison.

Samba: 3.0.21
OpenLDAP: 2.2.28

My Windows user can login to the domaine by a Samba PDC, but when the 
user try to enter a sharing ressouces on the same server nothing append. 
This user have all the good permission.

After some research (in samba log), I found that this user was in 76 
differents groups (Don’t ask why, it is a special case lol), and the 
fact is samba don’t seem to support this. If I remove the user of 12 
groups then samba authorise the user to access to share again.

My question is, why samba do not seem to support a user in 76 differents 
groups, but support 64?

And yes I have the log and can reproduce this problem again .


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