[Samba] Windows XP client over IPSEC VPN -- No browsing, limited file access.

vectro at vectro.org vectro at vectro.org
Sun Mar 12 21:35:00 GMT 2006

On Sunday 12 March 2006 02:06, Thomas Limoncelli wrote:
> Sounds as if Path MTU discovery is not working for you, so large packets
> don't pass your VPN. You might want to have a look with Ethereal and
> check your VPN configuration and packet filters.

Indeed that was the problem. This does not fix my browsing problems (though it 
does change the symptoms a bit), but share access is the far more important 

It appears to me that this issue is not documented anywhere in the SAMBA book. 
Perhaps a new section is in order? If someone wants to suggest the right 
place to put it, I'd be glad to write one. I can see several places where 
this could go:
Chapter 9, under "Browsing of Shares and Directories is Very Slow"
Chapter 37 (but where on the list do you try sending 1500-byte pings?)
Chapter 38, anywhere?

Chapter 37 seems the right choice to me. Maybe adjust paragraph 2 to suggest 
use of ping -s 1500 -M do?

Give me comments, and I'll make a patch.



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