[Samba] Printer queue not getting flushed

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Sat Mar 11 07:46:42 GMT 2006


We have a HP 1200 printer connected to an Debian GNU/Linux
workstation/server (Terminal Server)

The printer works fine, however occationally, the queue in the printer
suddendly shows 2000+ odd jobs to be pending, wheras these jobs do get

Its just that the cache does not get cleared. The jobs get printed,
but they still remain in the queu. Thw queue seems to not flusihng the
jobs which are done.

If, we delete the cache file  in /var/cache/samba/printing/HP1200.tdb
the queue cleares and shows zero jobs pending.

We tried looking at the logs, but no clue as to why would the printer
queue not flush.

Any ideas where to look or what to upgrade?

TAC Support Team

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