[Samba] Samba Upgrade to 3.0.21a

michael.lense at convergys.com michael.lense at convergys.com
Fri Mar 10 19:47:45 GMT 2006

I have just upgrade Samba from version 2.2.8a to 3.0.21a and everything is 
working fine except for one user.

Samba is running on HPUX version 11.11 and we have XP workstation 
attaching to the shares. One user is
running XP but his workstation is running 64bit while all the others that 
work are 32bit OS.

I've looked through all the readme's and install docs I can find and can't 
locate anything that address this.
Can anyone tell me what I might be missing in smb.conf or whatever to get 
it to work ??

The log shows following:

Failing workstation:
  NativeOS=[Windows XP 3790 Service Pack 1] NativeLanMan=[] 
PrimaryDomain=[Windows XP 5.2]

Working workstation:
  NativeOS=[Windows 2002 Service Pack 2 2600] NativeLanMan=[Windows 2002 
5.1] PrimaryDomain=[]

Working then goes on with:
[Fri Mar 10 08:16:07 2006
, 3] libsmb/ntlmssp.c:ntlmssp_server_auth(641)
  Got user=[] domain=[] workstation=[ORL02USERID] len1=1 len2=0
[Fri Mar 10 08:16:07 2006
, 5] auth/auth_util.c:make_user_info_map(162)
  make_user_info_map: Mapping user []\[] from workstation [ORL02USERID]

Where it looks like non working PC keeps trying to authenticate him ???

[Fri Mar 10 08:26:11 2006
, 5] auth/auth.c:make_auth_context_subsystem(476)
  Making default auth method list for security=server
[Fri Mar 10 08:26:11 2006 

My global section contains:
        workgroup = NA
        netbios name = SAMBA_HPUX
        netbios aliases = samba_hpux
        server string = Sources Server
        security = SERVER
        map to guest = Bad Password
        password server =,,,
        passdb backend = smbpasswd
        guest account = pcguest
        log level = 5
        log file = /var/log/samba/log.%M.%I
        deadtime = 10
        printcap name = lpstat
        preferred master = No
        local master = No
        domain master = No
        wins server =
        admin users = xxxxxxx, yyyyyyyyy, zzzzzzzz
        hosts deny = 10.130., 135.108., 10.28., 10.131., 10.200.


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