[Samba] many servers and mobile users - "always use the most fresh user profile" - ideas?

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at wpkg.org
Fri Mar 10 14:13:40 GMT 2006

I have a situation like below:

Samba servers in many cities; one "backup" server in the central 
location that fetches user profiles each night (changes really with rsync).

Users work in many locations; sometimes one user can work in city A, and 
a day later he can work in city B.

This means that they have problems with their profiles - user profile 
for city A will be different from his profile in city B.

Using the central server for storing all profiles is not a good solution 
- it would take too long to fetch/upload user profile over WAN/VPN.
Pulling the profile from the central server should only happen if the 
local profile is older.

I tried using preexec, to launch a script which would compare the local 
and "remote" profile, and pull the newest version from the central 
server if necessary.

However, Windows logon times outs after 2 minutes, and usually it takes 
longer to download the profile.

Has anyone ever dealt with the situation where users work in multiple 
locations, but would like to have the profiles the same?

I know it can be done easily with Windows 2003 R2, what about Samba?

Tomasz Chmielewski

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