[Samba] Directory Renaming problem Samba 2.2 on IRIX

James Peach jorgar at gmail.com
Fri Mar 10 06:31:12 GMT 2006

On 3/9/06, James Tullett <JTULLETT at thebritishmuseum.ac.uk> wrote:
> Hi:
> I have an old Indy that currently runs Samba 2.x on a Windows 2000/2003
> Active
> Directory Network.  It uses DOMAIN security, and the Domain Controllers
> for
> password service.
> Unfortunately, creating directories under Windows is problematic.  When
> I create
> a directory under Windows, it cannot be renamed from Windows' default
> name
> "New Folder", "New Folder (2)" etc.  Under UNIX, folders may be renamed
> by their owners, or members of their group owners.
> Does this problem exist for Samba 3.x installations on IRIX 6.x using
> Win2k/Win2k3 Domain Controllers and AD?

This particular use case works fine in Samba 3, and I'd definitely
recommend you upgrade since the 2.x series is now unsupported.
However, the problem might be specific to your environment, so there's
no guarantee that merely upgrading will help.

> (quick listing of the existing setup follows)
> The current settings for one of the important shares is
> [media]
>         comment = <anonymized>
>         path = /path-to-samba-share
>         write list = @publish
>         read only = No
>         create mask = 0775
>         force directory mode = 2775
> The publish group is a UNIX group that contains all the User IDs that
> are
> permitted write access to the share.  They can freely write files onto
> the
> share, but it is currently impossible to rename folders on the share,
> nor indeed any share on the machine.
> (setup listing ends)

Sounds like some kind of permissions problem. This might mean that
samba isn't running as the user you think it is at the time it does
the rename.

Take a par trace of the relevent smbd process to see exactly what is
happenning to cause the error. Use par -p <process id> -i -sSS.

> I checked the SGI site, but was unable to locate any binary packages
> later than samba 2.2; the IRIX folder at samba.org  is depressingly
> empty.

Samba 3 is supported on IRIX, 6.5.x in particular. There's no binary
inst images on samba.org though, so you'll have to build from source.
If you have an SGI support contract ask your support contact about
getting a current copy of Samba for IRIX.

James Peach | jorgar at gmail.com

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