[Samba] Samba + cups = raw postscript output

Chris smb23 at realcomputerguy.com
Thu Mar 9 15:50:08 GMT 2006

On Thursday 09 March 2006 06:38, David Smith wrote:
> I have a printer HP LaserJet 2100 which works fine, and by looking
> at the cups log files, works as follows:
>   - Client submits Postscript Lvl3
>   - (something happens in samba)
>   - Cups recieves a job for application/vnd.cups.postscript
>   - Cups processes job, converting to PCL
>   - Correct output comes out of the printer
> I also have a HP LaserJet 5si, which to my understanding is setup
> identically. The driver installs fine when accessed but this is
> what I see happening in the cups logs files
>   - Client submits Postscript Lvl3
>   - (something happens in samba)
>   - Cups receives a job for application/vnc.cups.raw
>   - Cups does not process job as it's raw
>   - Raw postscript comes out of the printer

The thing I question is why would any client submit PS 3 when the 
printers are only PS 2 capable? The client would know this if the 
proper PPD's were being used. I wonder if are using the proper PPD 
files from the manufacturer.

Again I suggest installing the printers in CUPS using the manufacturers 
NT4 PS PPD's. Then, use cupsaddsmb, or if you're unwilling to patch 
cupaddsmb, use the rpcclient method from the HOWTO: 
to install the printers in Samba.
Then update your Windows client drivers.


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