[Samba] Samba + cups = raw postscript output

David Smith david.smith at mercyships.org
Thu Mar 9 11:38:44 GMT 2006

Ok, I'm still trying to figure this out....

The Samba printer (automatically added through cups) has been setup 
with the "CUPS 6 Test Driver" so that it is automatically 
installed when the user accesses the printer. This part works.

I have a printer HP LaserJet 2100 which works fine, and by looking
at the cups log files, works as follows:
  - Client submits Postscript Lvl3
  - (something happens in samba)
  - Cups recieves a job for application/vnd.cups.postscript
  - Cups processes job, converting to PCL
  - Correct output comes out of the printer

I also have a HP LaserJet 5si, which to my understanding is setup 
identically. The driver installs fine when accessed but this is
what I see happening in the cups logs files
  - Client submits Postscript Lvl3
  - (something happens in samba)
  - Cups receives a job for application/vnc.cups.raw
  - Cups does not process job as it's raw
  - Raw postscript comes out of the printer

Now, I guess that the 5si printer is not able to understand 
Postscript Lvl 3,2 or 1 (though I thought it did understand
Level 2)

However, the issue is, why is one being detected as cups.raw and the 
other as cups.postscript. How and when does this detection occur in
the samba/cups combination?

The PPD files in cups both specify using the cupsFilter...

Dave Smith
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m/v Africa Mercy, Mercy Ships
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> > Is it possible that you set up a raw printer in CUPS instead of 
> > associating the proper PPD with it?
> No, it does have the right PPD file, but the filter doesn't 
> get called as it
> being passed through as RAW.
> > It is a PS printer, right?
> Yep, well, sorta... Postscript level2. This is why I'm 
> wanting to filter
> through the foomatic rip to a PCL output (or postscript level 
> 2 will do).
> I've got the a PPD file from linuxprinting.org which has the 
> correct filters
> for converting to PCL.
> > Did you use cupsaddsmb? If so, it would have needed to have 
> > been patched 
> > for the CUPS version 6 driver to properly set the printer 
> up in Samba.
> No. That didn't appear to work too well... Perhaps I'm 
> wanting the patch...
> I added it using the windows "install driver" method in the 
> samba docs, then
> assigned it to each printer using the rpcclient method.
> Dave
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