[Samba] Deadtime parameter questsion

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> Hello samba gurus !
> I'm using samba 3.0.21c on AIX 5.3 box  .
> I've specified deadtime=15 in my smb.conf file and I'm expecting that
> inactive  sessions ( has no open files ) will be
> closed after 15 minutes .  I'm connecting to samba from my PC
> ( win2000 ) , minimizing the window and waiting
> 15 minutes ... but nothing happens - smbd opened by my connection is
> still running , window on my workstation
> still usable and not closed ...

Well, you could run "smbstatus -L" and be certain there are no active locks
on any of the connected shares. deadtime will do the disconnect. There may
also be other things happening on your workstation that is causing periodic
scans of the share.

> I've found in documentation that this option should disconnect the
> session , but almost all clients has auto reconnect
> feature , so what is the reason to use deadtime option ?????

I believe it was intended to reduce resource comsumption of smaller systems
using the autoreconnect to reintroduce the connection as you indicated.

> Could you please advise how I can totally disconnect inactive sessions
> - I mean kill smbd on the server and close the
> window on the client ?  We have almost 100  samba sessions on that box
> and sometimes  smbd processes
> takes to many system resources .

Ummm, how much resource are we talking about here? Our AIX 5.2 system had
1054 connections yesterday and only used 26% of 12GB and most of that was
probably stat cache data. I wonder if there is something else going on here.
What does "oslevel -r" report?


> Thanks a lot in advance ,
> Michael Mikolyuk .
> System Unix Administrator .
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