[Samba] Problems protecting one share folder...?

Alberto Moreno portsbsd at gmail.com
Thu Mar 9 05:16:26 GMT 2006

  Hi people.

   I have been reading about shares access protection with samba, i found
some sites googling but i still dont know how to implement this problem,
this is my situation:

smb.conf for that share:

	comment = Test System
        path = /opt/test
        writeable = yes
	valid users = @inges @notelaacabas @mfonseca @mvalencia
	read list = mfonseca mvalencia
	create mode = 0660
	directory mode = 0770
	admin users = root notelaacabas

@inges is the group of users that need to write/change/deleted from this
valid users = user that can login this service or share
read list = read only users to this service
create mode and directory mode was from one example i found in the web, but
i think 0660 and 0770 is not good...?

Them i took one linux shell, create one folder in /opt/

root#mkdir test

  Change the owners

root# chown notelaacabas:inges /opt/test

  Change the mode

root# chmod 775 /opt/test

Restart samba.

   *Now the users in the valid user list can  create /modify/delete files,
here ok.
   *The users in the read list can read files but they cannot
delete/create/change files  great.

The problem i have now is this:

  We have one application that was made with access, that application need 2

1; The user need to have one maped drive with the letter k (is the share i
create before)
2; Need to be execute in one folder inside the k drive like this:

   I create the folder with the same attributes as the parent folder(test).

   Ok, the problem start went the READ LIST users execute MyApp, because you
know like WORD, the access program create one temporal file inside the
folder where we run the program (App),  the user cannot write anything
there, went the program start, Access send back one message saying that it
will open the application READ ONLY and went we try to use some part of the
application, it CRUSH because it cannot UPDATE something, for me the problem
is because the user cannot write there, the common problems of office

  Another thing, the write user are about 5 and the read-only are about 40,
how can i handle this..?

   I have been locking around, testing but i still dont make this thing to
work. How can i fix this problem, i still testing, any information i will
apreciated a lot.

OS: red hat 9
Samba < 3


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