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A  Vietnam Veteran’s War
By Peter Macdonald 465 Packersfalls rd Lee  NH
You may print my name, address and phone  #
Desperate I am not.  Disappointed yes I  am.  I asked my NH Governors Lynch, 
Benson and Shaheen for help to expose  abusive acts committed by Madbury NH 
selectmen to run a family out of  Madbury.  These acts of personal revenge are 
because the Madbury NH  selectmen decided they did not like this family.  I 
have heard that the  Madbury  selectmen have done this before.  Use the power in 
trusted by  the voters to destroy citizens.  Use taxpayers money to finance 
destroying  residents for personal revenge.  They cause a family to go broke by 
miss  using the courts.  What does a family do when government officials  
intentionally miss use their power for personal  revenge?
I have asked NH Senators Gregg and  Sununu for help.  I have asked 
Congressmen Bass and Bradley for help.   These are people elected to look out for the 
peoples rights.  Their answer  to me was “It would not be to their political 
advantage to help me”.  Do  these rich elected officials only look out for 
peoples rights that have  money.  
I have pleaded with the newspapers across the United  States to tell this 
news.  They ignore the facts.  The NH newspapers  know the truth but still refuse 
to print it.  Let the people know that the  NH government and courts are 
corrupt?  These are people the Union leader  newspaper states have good 
reputation.  The Fosters daily democrat states  this news will hurt the newspapers 
friends.  The Concord Monitor reporter  stated to me that I am a terrorist they are 
ordered not to speak to me.   What is a citizen to do?
I have served my  country in the United States Marine Corps.  I would not 
wish what I went  through on any person.  I may not have experienced what others 
did but what  I did witness flashes through my mind often.  I am not ashamed 
that I  killed but I feel guilty.  I fought to protect your freedom.  I came  
back from the Vietnam Conflict 100% disabled.  I did not stop representing  
this nation.  I believe I owe those that did not come back the respect and  
gratitude to volunteer to make this a better country.  My elected officials  whom 
never served in the military are diminishing what many over the years gave  
their lives to defend.
The N H government could not shut me up so they  locked me up.  I volunteer 
my time to help a Madbury NH family expose  corrupt government acts .  Judge 
Peter Fauver finds me guilty of a crime  with no trial, no witnesses, no 
evidence, no charges and finds me twenty  thousand dollars.  The NH Supreme Court 
rules the case “Moot” to protect  brother attorneys.  Federal court Judge 
McAuliffe rules judges have  immunity from Constitutional crimes.  The court of 
appeal first circuit  rules judges are immune.  The United States Supreme Court 
rules I did not  follow proper procedure, case dismissed.  I ask are these 
judges allowed to  violate the Americans with Disabilities Act.  The courts and 
government  knew before this case started that I was rated 120% mentally and 
physically  disabled.  Judge Fauver made me an attorney knowing that I dropped out 
of  school in the 12 grade to join the United States Marine  Corps.    
No  newspaper across the United States large or small will print this story.  
 Governor Benson send the State Police to my house to order me to stop my  
volunteer helping this Madbury family.  I continue so the state police  arrest 
me as a terrorist.  I loose my freedom for 6 months.  4 days  before the trial 
the charges are dropped.  If the case goes to court the  facts become public 
so these elected criminals do not want that..  I  continue my volunteer help 
and the state police arrest me for writing the  governor Benson to ask why he 
told the Veterans Hospital that I was a Terrorist  to get my VA medical benefits 
stopped.  They could not stop me with loss of  freedom now they will destroy 
my health.  I was jailed, fined and got two  years probation because I dare 
write the governor.  I continue to volunteer  my time to help this Madbury NH 
family.  Now Governor Lynch has a uniformed  State trooper go to my wife’s work 
place to scare her to get me to stop.  I  continue and the state Police Sgt 
Twynner calls me from the governors office to  scare me.  I still will not shut 
up.  Our country is to important for  me to stop helping this family.  
I  have done nothing wrong.  I have volunteered helping people across the  
state of New Hampshire since my discharge in 1974.  I volunteer in schools,  
hospitals,  community, for the state and federal programs.  I  volunteer over 
1000 hours a year, but I am a nobody.  I am just a 100%  disabled veteran with no 
money and no political pull.  The government has  the power to sweep me under 
the rug.  The newspapers see no advantage to  exposing my facts, or maybe the 
fact is the newspapers and politicians see so  much corruption they are 
The facts  stated in this article are true.  The facts are documented in NH 
Supreme  Court case 2003-0477 and United States Court of Appeals First Circuit  
05-1433.  I have stated these facts many time to many newspapers and  
government officials.  I may be a nobody but I am fighting for you’re the  
individuals benefit.  The newspapers may censor this news article but I  will be heard.  
I will probably be arrested because I dare write such a  factual truthful 
article exposing crimes committed by the courts and government  officials.  I 
have so much to be thank full for because I came back to the  world alive to not 
fight to make the United States better.  I did my time  in hell so I will not 
let those government officials that never served destroy  what so many over 
the years gave their lives for.  I am disappointed  because the trust we the 
people place in our newspapers to print articles such  as this one is gone.  
Every newspaper from California to Florida to New  England should be proud to 
print this article.  I have stated the  truth.  If we the people are to correct 
the wrongs committed by our  government officials the newspaper can not censor 
the peoples words.  This  article should be on every front  page.  
I ask every person reading  this article to e-mail it to your local newspaper 
and to the governor of NH at  _Goveronrlynch at nh.gov_ 
(mailto:Goveronrlynch at nh.gov)  .  The  newspapers only make spreading the facts easier but we the 
people can ask our  friends and others.  The word will spread. 
Thank You Peter Macdonald  Sgt USMC “Semper Fi” 
465 Packersfalls rd Lee NH  03824   

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