[Samba] terrible browsing performance by connection failure to an nonrelevant pdc at ads configuration

Pierre Bernhardt pierre at starcumulus.owl.de
Wed Mar 8 22:14:25 GMT 2006


the situation:

Config ADS with more than on tree but trusted between them.

It looks like this:

Root_A -- Trunk_C---Samba_WeAre
   |         |------PDC_Available_F

We trust A, C and D.
Normally E and F are available and users from
F can connect also Users from PDC at C.

Now the connection between D and E is broken so PDC
at E is not further available.

At every request winbind is doing, it needs
a lot of minutes before it ends the request.
For this time all is waiting.

1st: Is there a value vor these timeout so winbind will
finish the request faster?

Our workaround is at the moment to delete all
IP Entries to the failed domain because if winbind
cannot find the ip it will not try to connect.

In --sequence is E still readable but disconnected.

2nd: Normally we have no user from E. Is there a way
to forbid the resolve of E? (the machine accounts
from this domain is engaging our free samba uid
mappings if the pdc is available)

I hope any can help me to fix this both problems.

Samba is 3.0.2 and/or 3.0.7.

Pierre Bernhardt

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