[Samba] how to manage 3000 Samba Connection

updatemyself . updatemyself at gmail.com
Wed Mar 8 20:27:46 GMT 2006

Hi All,

Give Me some good idea, about.. how to manage 3000 Samba Connection.

in my network i have 6 Samba File Server..
Volumes Are common in all Samba servers (GPFS Volume + 6 GPFS Nodes)
(so 6 Servers are there to share this connection. 500 X 6 )

at a time.. i am getting maximum 3000 samba connection
and almost all connection is opening 150MB to 300MB file (3D Animation
total opened files will be approximate 800 to 1000 in One Samba Server

6 file servers are named as FS01, FS02, FS03, FS04, Fs05 and FS06
and all the Servers Are Connected to windows2003 ADS
So User Permission and Authentication is.. same every where

My Point is how i can Do the load balance intelligently depends on..
(fail over, cup and memory usage in server  and smb connection)

now most of the connections are happening through 4 servers and rest 2 is
70% free..
i have to balance it.. to increase the performance of Samba-File-Server
with out depending the client side.. (i cant redirect the client to use a
particular server
that have to happen in background)

OS         : Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES (2.6.9-11.ELsmp)
Samba    : samba-3.0.21c-1

Thanks In Advance

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