[Samba] Problems using security=server for windows 2003 client.

Matthew Schumacher schu at design-pt.com
Wed Mar 8 18:51:11 GMT 2006

I searched around but didn't find an answer to my question, hopefully
someone here knows how to fix this problem.

The issue is actually pretty simple, if I use "security = user" and add
a user with smbpasswd then I can connect to the share from windows 2003
server.  However, if I set "security = server" then define the same
windows 2003 server as the password server then I can't connect to samba
from it.

The logs report "password server WINSERVER rejected the password", but I
know it works fine because I can connect from smbclient or windows 2000
clients.  I can't figure out why "security = server" fails when the
windows 2003 server tries to make a connection, but works for other clients.

Anyone have any ideas on this?


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