[Samba] SWAT is working but shows smbd/nmbd: not running

Zoran Ljubisic powersoft at bj.t-com.hr
Wed Mar 8 14:44:52 GMT 2006

Hi all,

I had nForce3 motherboard that has broken. Than I bought nForce4 
motherboard. I connected old hard disk to this new nForce4 motherboard. For 
net and sound support I download drivers from nvidia.com site. This driver 
asks kernel source to be on local disk and gcc compiler.

After I installed kernel source and gcc, driver is successfully installed.

>From that point (but maybe it is not related all) when I connect to swat, 
log in, and click "status", I get valid page with open connections and 
files, but smbd and nmbd are show as not running.

In same time everything else works as expected.

I am using 64-bit version of Suse 9.3 prof. (swat version:3.0.12-5-SUSE).

What went wrong?


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