[Samba] Print spooler full with completed print jobs

Zoran Ljubisic powersoft at bj.t-com.hr
Wed Mar 8 14:53:57 GMT 2006


I have Panasonic KX-P7105 printer connected through LPT1 port to the "D-link 
DP-101P+" print server.

This printer is defined as raw and I am using it only for printing from 
different windows clients.

Drivers are only on windows client side. On linux side I never print one 
Suddenly, in windows print spooler I can see already printed documents from 
every user. As administrator I can remove them from list (cancel print job), 
but users can't cancel each others print jobs that is OK.

On linux side everything is reported as there are no print jobs that is 

All documents are printed as they should and moved to the completed jobs.

Directory /var/spool/samba is empty.

Until now everything was worked without any problem.

I try to restart cups, smbd and nmbd.

If I restart these services, print spooler on windows side is empty now, but 
it fills again.

Where to start searching for problem?


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