[Samba] session setup

Marcin Kryczek mkay at gentoo.org
Wed Mar 8 00:39:51 GMT 2006

in company i work for i often work on employees computers (to solve
their issues mainly). they do not have sufficient rights to all shares,
which i need,
i used to just connect to share i need and when samba denies permission
windows (xp) station asked me about password, so i typed my username and
pass and get access to everything i want.
recently i've changed main server in company (that is: hardware,
linux distribution and samba version) and i'm not able to do this 
trick anymore. i see in samba's logs: 
"user '<login of employee>' (from session setup) not permitted to access 
this share (<share name>)", so it looks like samba do not allow me to
change login during session. it's a bit uncomfortable for me.
How can i back to my previous settings? Or even better - is there a way
to keep authentication via session setup (so normal employees could not
connect as other user even if they'll get his/her pass), which will
allow me to login as another user with some trick (maybe closing session
and starting new one or something like that?).

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