[Samba] Unable to join to domain: The username could not be found.

James Taylor jtaylor at laszlosystems.com
Tue Mar 7 20:03:35 GMT 2006

Common issue I am seeing, are you using the smbldap-useradd script?  If so
you need to modify the script so that when the machine account is created in
ldap that the sambaSAMAccount information is added to the machine account
that you are joining to the Samba Domain.  


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I'm using the root account, the "root". I think the accounts are enabled
and I used smbpasswd to set the paswd. I also want to mention that I'm
using idealx scripts to maintain smb and ldap at the same time.

Mark Rutherford wrote:
> You need to use the superuser account, root to join a domain.
> Are you using 'root' or 'administrator' to do this?
> Also, is your root account enabled and has a password set using
> smbpasswd?
> Hakan BAYINDIR wrote:
>> Hi,
>>     This is my first post here, so if I make any mistakes, warnings are
>> always welcome. I'm working in an organization and we are migrating are
>> domain controllers from windows to linux. I'm trying to deploy a working
>> configuration of samba. Using openSuSE 10.0. I was following the Keith
>> Robertson's how-to from IBM-Developerworks but in the end; the finished
>> installation fails to work as expected.
>>     I can see the shares, log in with correct id's which are saved in
>> ldap, transfer files, share the same workgroup with supplying correct
>> username and password which is saved in ldap again. But when I try to
>> join the domain, windows system wants username and password. It refuses
>> it if I give wrong creds and if I give the true ones, refuses again with
>> "the user name could not be found"
>>     I've tried signorseal patch, configured local policy but no hopes.
>> Also samba config test and slaptest returns OK. Any help will be highly
>> appreciated. Thanks in advance.
>>     Hakan BAYINDIR

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