[Samba] winbind -r group enumeration

Robert Fischer samba-ml at trispace.org
Tue Mar 7 09:56:59 GMT 2006

i've a strange problem with samba-3.0.10 (Redhat Enterprise 4 PPC Version) in 
an ActiveDirectory Environment.

After setting up Kerberos and the winbindd configuration i was able to join a 
Windows 2003 Server ADS structure and enumerate groups with winbind -g and do 
different kind of ADS<->Unix mappings (winbind -G <gid>, wbinfo -n 
<ADS-group> etc...). To make it short: it seems like the ADS connectivity is 
However wbinfo -r "domain\user" lists only _global_ ADS groups not local ones, 
although i'm able to map even local ADS groups from Windows SIDs to 

The manual page for wbinfo -r tells me: "This only works for users defined on 
a Domain Controller." Actually i'm not sure if this statement relates to my 
problem, so i'd like to know if this behavior is a known bug and if yes, if 
that issue was adressed in a newer samba version


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