[Samba] Problem renaming users

Linus Lund linus at island.liu.se
Mon Mar 6 21:47:28 GMT 2006


I'm trying to setup my samba 3.21c (on a slackware linux box running the 
2.4.31 kernel) so that Domain admins and other privileged users may 
administer users via the User Manager for Domains. I've successfully 
configured almost everything, but I can't get the renaming of a user to 
work. In the usrmgr.exe I get an access denied error.

When I run the command "net user RENAME test1 test2" from my Linux-box I 
get the following error "Failed to rename user from test1 to test2 - 

I've also turned on log level 101 when doing this but I cannot see that 
samba even tries to invoke the script I've defined in smb.conf (rename 
user script = ... ).

I'm using tdbsam as passdb backend if that has anything to do with it!

Does anyone have any tip to share I would greatly appreciate it!

Best regards

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