[Samba] Max Users Per Controller ?

Matt Ingram mingram at cbnco.com
Mon Mar 6 15:08:30 GMT 2006

Hey All,

Just a general sort of question here.  We're looking to deploy a samba 
domain here and I'm curious as to what people's experiences are with the 
number of users to each Domain Controller.  John Terpstra's (as per 
Samba HOWTO and By Example books (great books, btw)) recommendations are 
30-150 user to one controller if the controller is giving out shares, or 
about 150 users to one controller, if it is a dedicated controller 
handling only login services.

I'm curious, what experiences other people have. 

Also; if I have a single subnet with say 250 users on it, which has 
topped out the domain controllers bandwidth for login services - how is 
load balancing done between two domain controllers on that subnet?

Thanks in advance for any replies!

Matt Ingram
Intermediate Unix Administrator, IS
Canadian Bank Note Company, Limited

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