[Samba] Windows XP Pro SP2 and samba config for some NetBIOS aliases

Mariusz Czarnecki m.czarnecki at prevac.pl
Mon Mar 6 13:33:31 GMT 2006

Hi all,


I've got few NetBIOS aliases for samba server, one for each user's group:
group1svr, group2svr and so on.

Samba server is also domain master for my domain.

Linux version is SuSe Linux 8.2, samba version is 3..

At the end of samba.conf file I've put last line as follow:

include /etc/samba/server/%L/%U.conf.


I've created following directories in /etc/samba directory:





In server directory I've created folders for all virtual NetBIOS names:





In  shared directory I've created all needed shares.


In users I've created user shares one for every user.


User can access only this shares that are specified in %U.conf file for
specified virtual server logging to specified virtual server on the network.
If there is no %U.conf file inside server folder user can't see any share on
this server. Includes for selected shares are nested into %U.conf file. This
works fine for windows xp pro sp1.


The problem is that for windows xp pro sp2 connections to folder are not
stable or there is no connection to any shared folder at all (even for
mapped drives).


Can somebody help me with this issue? What did I make wrong?

When I put all includes into one file %U.conf  and last line of the
samba.conf looks like:

include /etc/samba/users/%U.conf

everything works fine.

It looks like there is not allowed nested includes for windows xp pro sp2.
Is it true? I didn't find anything like this in the manual.


Thanks for your help in advance.


Best regards


PS. Sorry for my mistake and the same post on technical group.



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