[Samba] Samba 3 and RH9

Wendell Dingus wendell at BISonline.com
Sat Mar 4 03:24:48 GMT 2006

I realize RH9 binary RPMs are regularly made available by the Samba
team, but.. I can't seem to get printing to work in conjunction with
them, specifically to shared printers on Windows PCs. Has anyone got a
solution for this, other than "upgrade RH9 to something else". I've got
a lot of RH9 boxes and it would be difficult to move them forward and
they're doing the job just fine.. I'd like the ability of using "net"
and some of the other things Samba3 offers though.

Trying to add a printer of type "smb" fails as does printing to printers
pre-configured this way. I've tried 3.0.21a and 21b so far.


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