[Samba] Problem with Universal Groups

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Sat Mar 4 03:26:52 GMT 2006

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Don Meyer wrote:
> I can't speak for Domain Universal/Global groups -- our read of the MS
> documentation indicated that other-domain users were not valid within
> Universal/Global groups, but were in a Domain Local Group.
> As far as trying to at least get Domain Local group handling fixed in
> winbind, I would suggest looking at Bug 3530 on bugzilla.samba.org.  
> The more people that can show similar failure cases, the more likely we
> can convince them that this is a bug that needs fixing, and not a
> "feature request".


Please allow me to clarify.  We are not ignoring this class of
bugs.  We are simply saying that the issue is harder to fix that
people realize.  It's not an issue of making enough noise
for us to realize that there is a problem.  Volker already
acknowledged that.  So rather than treating it as a simple bug
to be fixed, we are trying to deal with the larger set of issues
surrounding it.   Thanks for being patient.

cheers, jerry
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