[Samba] Massive confusion with samba mounting

Aaron Hawryluk webmaster at calgarysun.com
Fri Mar 3 19:06:18 GMT 2006

Thanks for the tip, adding "unix extensions=no" on the Mac OS smb.conf did
the trick.

Much appreciated.


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> Is there any way to make linux see this in the same way Windows does, 
> as a hard link that actually leads to the folder/path on the Mac 
> machine?

You might want to try disabling UNIX extensions when you mount the share, I
think that will make the symlink show up as a directory.

> One thing I have just checked - if I actually browse the smb server 
> with smbclient, everything works - I can drill down through the 
> appleshares no problem.  So this may be more of an issue with mount -t 
> smbfs than with the samba protocol itself.

AFAIK, smbclient doesn't use UNIX extensions so that could explain it.


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