[Samba] Advice Needed on Migration/upgrading.

William Reid william at exegenix.com
Fri Mar 3 14:29:03 GMT 2006

Hi there,

We're considering the following...

- Moving our primary samba server from a FC1 to new system with FC4 and 
a newer version of SMB.
- Downgrading it's current role as PDC to just user security as we don't 
have too many windows clients.

We currently have 2 other member servers and I'm wondering what is the 
safest way of making the transition without making too much noise in the 

Some notes on our setup...

- There is no special logon scripts
- No LDAP server so current users and passwd/smbpasswd sync'd
- No Roaming profiles stored on the PDC
- Mutiple Subnets with wins support


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