[Samba] problem with "winbind separator = \"

Guillermo Gutierrez ggutierrez at marketscan.com
Fri Mar 3 14:06:12 GMT 2006


I just rebuilt the samba server that I was working on and when I try to add the line "winbind separator = \", testparm tells me that its value must be 1 character and then displays its value as the proceeding line. If I change the value to '+', it tells me that the value might cause a problem with groups memberships.

If I just leave the value at '/' then it does not complain.

why is this now happening and will using '/' as the separator cause issues when joining a windows 2003 ADS domain?

Guillermo Gutierrez
Development Systems Engineer
Market Scan Information Systems
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ggutierrez at marketscan.com

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