[Samba] New Samba wiki on-line

Craig White craigwhite at azapple.com
Thu Mar 2 13:46:17 GMT 2006

On Thu, 2006-03-02 at 07:41 -0600, Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
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> Dracula wrote:
> >> We've brought a new wiki online at http://wiki.samba.org/ for
> >> Samba users and developers alike.  The intent is to allow
> >> the community to fill the gap in dynamic or temporary
> >> documentation and other relevant information.  Our thanks
> >> to Craig White who has volunteered to act as standing editor
> >> (at least at first).  But in general, the wiki will only
> >> be as good or useful as you, the community, make it.
> > 
> > 
> > Great work Jerry!
> I can't take credit on this one.  Deryck Hodge (our webmaster)
> did all the initial mediawiki setup and theming and Craig White
> put in the initial content so the site wasn't totally blank. :-)
and is struggling to get 'Categories' and 'Help' to be functional

it's a good thing I only have 10 other things to do today  ;-)


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