[Samba] NMBD keep expiring servers from the list!

Samuel Abreu samuelsites at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 11:50:13 GMT 2006

Hi ppl, im using samba 3.0.14debian (Sarge) and every 15 minutes it lost
the browse list...
In the log.nmbd shows:


and then for every machine:

expire_old_servers: Removing timed out server ...

I have no idea why this is happening...
I didn't find anything in smb.conf that can help me to solve this, so if
anyone knows what can be the cause of this please tell me...  :)

Im using:
   interfaces = eth0 lo
   bind interfaces only = yes

   domain master = yes
   local master = yes

   browse list = yes

   preferred master = yes

   domain logons = yes
   time server = yes

and ldap auth.


If its needed more information like the smb.conf or anything of the
server ask me!

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