[Samba] winbind and [homes]

Thomas Limoncelli limoncelli at web.de
Thu Mar 2 08:04:19 GMT 2006

Using Samba 3.0.21c on a domain member server with winbindd against a 
native AD domain ("XXX") I'd like to set up a [homes] section that 
serves \\samba\<username> for all users within XXX. This is an easy 
thing to do as long as "winbind use default domain = yes" is set, since 
<username> will not have the domain prepended.

Is there a way to get the same thing done with "winbind use default 
domain = no" and still serve \\samba\<username> and *not* 
\\samba\XXX+<username> ("+" being the winbind separator), perhaps using 
tricky variable substitutions?

(And before someone asks: setting up individual [<username>] sections is 
not an option for a few hundred users. The reason for preferring 
"winbind use default domain = no" is to avoid the clash of AD usernames 
with local passwd entries, BTW.)


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