[Samba] connectivity trouble

Doug Wilburn DWILBURN at ci.tulsa.ok.us
Wed Mar 1 20:34:29 GMT 2006

I have samba 2.2.7 running on Tru64unix. In the smb.conf file, in the
global section, I have the following:
password server = PWA, PW
security = server
With these options set, all of the network users who also have accounts
on the unix machine can access the samba share they need. We also have a
user without a network accout but has an account on unix can also access
the share because his name is in the unix and samba passwd files.

I am trying to set up an identical situation on a new Tru64 unix
machine. I have installed samba with no problems on unix. I have copied
the smb.conf file from the original machine to the new. Everything has
been set up the same on the new machine. The network users can browse
and connect to the samba shares on the new machine but the one user that
only has the unix and smb account cannot (the way he could on the
original machine). The only difference between the two scenarios is the
version of samba. On this new machine, I'm using ver. 3.0.21b. Here is
the pertinent sections of the smb.conf file.
  workgroup = PUBLICWORKS
  hosts allow = 10.
  wins server =
  domain master = no
  local master = no
  preferred master = no
  os level = 0
  password server = PWA, PW
  security = server
  encrypt passwords = yes
  username map = /usr/local/samba/lib/user.map
  comment = HiAffinity PhaseI code set
  path = /Affinity/Ver5.2
  admin users = affinity
  guest ok = no
  writeable = no 
P.S. I have been and am still looking at the HOWTO and O'Reilly doc.

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