[Samba] Trouble accessing to shortcuts and Writing to Shares in Windows XP (Samba 3.0.22)

Andres Tarallo tarallo at ort.edu.uy
Fri Jun 30 20:11:32 GMT 2006

I have a Samba server in a SuSE Linux 10.1 installation (x86_64 P IV),
installed from SuSE RPMs (Samba 3.0.22). In our test instalation all our
clientes works without problem, but from time to time, our users with
Windows XP Service Pack 2 get a extrange error when trying to access or
write some files. We have isolated the problem to shared folders that
have a read and/or write list.  We have this scenarios:

** Shared folder maped to a disk drive (Drive X:). The user has a
shortcut in his desktop to a File in this shared folder (X:\MyFile.XLS).
He turns on his computer, then he double clicks the shortcut and he gets
a message that says something like "Access to specific device,
path or file is denied" (I use the spanish edition of windows,
approximated translation). If you access the shared drive via the
explorer and then double click it just works. It's very annoying for
most of our users.

** When working with WINZIP I open a Zip file, then try to extract it to
the network drive, I get more or less the same message. Everything works
afetr accesing the file from the explorer. Same situation with word.

Any help will be appreciated.

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