[Samba] linux windows synchronisation account : linux client configuration

Stephane Durieux durieux at polytech.univ-mrs.fr
Fri Jun 30 13:05:48 GMT 2006


I m trying to make unix and linux password synchronisation with samba 
using ldap backend, the only question that remains :

How can I make passwd command use the samba server ?

I have tried pam_smbpass.so librairy  in /etc/pam.d/common-password
but it only works on the samba server not on the linux client.

I have noticed in the documentation it s because synchronisation is made 
in the local smb backend
Besides, when I tried the "net rpc password" command on the client it 
try to connect to

However I am almost sure that I have already make it work on a client 
but  I can remember how ... Does another pam librairy exist or is 
winbind the only solution

Thanks for reply

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