[Samba] Re: methods to synchronize tdb files between hosts

Torsten Geile zuhause at tippex.net
Fri Jun 30 07:17:45 GMT 2006

Rex Dieter schrieb:
> John Stile wrote:
> r.
>> I am faced with a need to synchronize the *.tdb files on the file server
>> with all the Linux machines for consistent UID-to-loginID mapping.
>> Does anyone have a how-to or notes for a better approach?
> Yes, use something like (in smb.conf):
>  idmap backend = idmap_rid
> or
>  idmap backend = idmap_ad

Does this apply too, when there is a smaba pdc using ldap and many samba 
servers configured as memeber servers?
Do the memeber servers need unix account for sambausers or do they just 
receive authentification from the pdc using ldap?



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