[Samba] Full Logout of Samba Share (from XP)

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Fri Jun 30 00:50:48 GMT 2006

> If I run "net use \\samba /del" I lose the \\samba\IPC$ connection,
> but z: remains. If I run "net use z: \del" I get rid of that
> connection -- "net use" shows no connections. However, smbstatus
> still shows a connection
> Any more ideas on how to fully disconnect / logout from XP?

What happens if you disconnect the drive *before* running "net use
\\samba /del" - I always thought "\\server /del" was for cleaning up any
leftovers, but if a drive is still mapped those "leftovers" will still
be required and won't be removed.


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