[Samba] Full Logout of Samba Share (from XP)

Ben bluey at iguanaworks.net
Thu Jun 29 15:14:18 GMT 2006

Thanks Adam -- I now how more information:

If run "\\samba" I get prompted for a login. After login smbstatus (on 
the samba server) shows the connection and "net use" shows \\samba\IPC$.

Ok, then I run "net use \\samba /del" and the connection goes away both 
on net use and smbstatus. If I connect to the samba server, I have to 
relogin. Great.

Now I run "\\samba" and login. Then I map \\samba\data to z:. Then I do 
"net use" I see \\samba\IPC$ and \\samba\data. If I run "net use \\samba 
/del" I lose the \\samba\IPC$ connection, but z: remains. If I run "net 
use z: \del" I get rid of that connection -- "net use" shows no 
connections. However, smbstatus still shows a connection and when I 
connect to the server, I am logged in as the previous user. So it seems 
to show that "net use" isn't able to always disconnect all the 
connections and the problem *may* lie with mapping shares to drives, 
although I believe I've gotten windows into a similar state without 
mapping drives, just by browsing and reconnecting to "\\samba" multiple 

Any more ideas on how to fully disconnect / logout from XP?



Adam Nielsen wrote:
>> If, however, I connect to the samba server (file run "\\server") it
>> doesn't not prompt for a username / password but connects as the user
>> from the original login. Windows is not saving the password -- if I
>> logout from XP and log back it, I'm asked for a username/password
>> again. Somehow the XP client is staying connected to the samba server.
> Before you reconnect, run "smbstatus | grep <username>" on the server
> and double-check that the user really is staying connected.  It's
> possible that Windows does cache the credentials, and only wipes that
> cache when you log out.
> If the client is staying connected, running "net use \\samba /del"
> should disconnect from the server, but I'm surprised that the connection
> wouldn't be in the "net use" list.
> Cheers,
> Adam.

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