[Samba] [SAMBA+ADS] Getent passwd does not show AD computers

mtest001 mtest001 at laposte.net
Thu Jun 29 15:07:27 GMT 2006

Hi everybody,
I'll try to make it quick...

Our configuration :
-1 x Windows 2003 Active Directory Server + LDAP Server
-1 x SuSE 10 SAMBA Server

Authentication = LDAP + Kerberos.

Everything is running smothly : AD Users can authenticate and
browse the network shares presented by Samba.

However, it seems that the AD computers are not "recognized"...

"getent passwd" only shows the local users + the AD users,
from my understanding it should return the computers in the
domain also.

Also my smb log is full of messages like :

Username <ADS SERVER NAME>/<MACHINE NAME> is invalid on this
system" where <ADS SERVER NAME> is the name of our AD server
and <MACHINE NAME> is the name of the machine browsing the
share. '/' is the windbind separator defined in smb.conf (I
don't want to use winbind and nothing is configured for
winbind). We have 3 or 4 of these message every time a user is
opening a shared folder for example.

Appreciate your help ;-)

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