[Samba] using xfs acls

Christoph Litauer litauer at uni-koblenz.de
Thu Jun 29 08:20:46 GMT 2006


we have a fileserver with xfs filesystems running samba 3.0.22. File
access should (and is) be possible via NFS and samba. I want the ability
to set acls in these filesystems via windows clients -- but I want samba
to map the SIDs to the existing unix uids of my users, not just an
arbitrary mapping. Is this possible?

My idea is using the "idmap backend" to our ldap-server using a
"handmade" mapping table. Would that be reasonable/possible?

I should mention that we synchronize the user accounts between unix and
windows (ADS). So every user account is unique.

Thanks a lot in advance and please eMail a copy to me, because I don't
read this group regularly.

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