[Samba] Windows 2003 Domain Servers going down. What to expect.

Wayne Rasmussen Wayne at gomonarch.com
Wed Jun 28 20:45:44 GMT 2006

Got an odd situation, wondering if there is something abnormal going on
or not.  There is a site where we run Solaris 9 with Samba-3.0.10 and
the Network staff running Active Directory on Windows 2003 Servers -
SP1.  They have 6 Dc, but, for whatever reason, one of the people has
been shutting down DC #5 several times a day this week.


When this happens, our servers don't seem very happy with it.  If you go
to the directory where the homedirs are and do "ls -l", some of the
users you will get their UID number on their homedirectory rather than
their login/username. Should samba be able to handle this situation?  Is
there any time delay to be expect while we recover?

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